I LOVE the beach. I would live there all summer if my family would let me. The long days of rest in the sun, fun bike rides, and gorgeous sunsets are my favorite memories.
We go to the beach every year with 8 families and all of our kids!! It is wild and crazy and so so much fun. As the kids have grown up I have started taking their senior photos
at the beach.
The beach provides incredible light and beautiful backdrops. We love the 30A area and there are so many “picutre perfect” spots around.
If you are going to that area in June let me know. I might could do your senior photos as well!!
These are a few from this past year.

I love wearing all white at the beach. It is light and airy and looks great with your sun kissed skin.
Do not get too burned or your photos will not look natural.
But it is good to plan your photos for later in the week so you have some color.

Do not think that the actual beach is the only place to take photos. Find some cool tall grass or a dock.
I also love the little streets of Watercolor, Seaside and Rosemary.

This neutral yet fun geometric dress is great. I love it on Mallory and the green behind her makes her pop off the page.

We did take some on the beach as well but it was so windy that day. You can get great shots where the
boardwalks are and where the sand dunes begin. Do not feel like you have to get the water in the background.
The shots still turn out so beautiful and your hair doesn’t have to go crazy. ha ha
Keep your makeup light and fresh for these shoots. I love to keep the hair relaxed and great lip gloss. Your new tan
will do the rest and of course my favortie relector!
Feel free to ask me any questions about dates or tips if you are going and I can’t join you.