From “prom-posals” to dresses, hair, makeup, and now the photo shoot, how are these poor parents supposed to keep up? Well with two girls two years apart and lots of practice I am learning some good ideas.

1. The kids do not know a lot about timing so help them with planning enough time for hair, makeup and photos. If you have dinner at 7 and you start photos at 6 with a group of 12 couples this is not going to be enough time to move a large group.

2. Like I always say shade is your friend, especially in April at 5:00 pm. It is so bright still in Tennessee and if you don’t have clouds you will need trees and shade.

3. Keep it simple. Get a few group shots but the ones with 12 couples just do not stand the test of time. The kids want their girl friends in them or the silly guy photos. Split them up if you have a large group and do 3-4 couples together.

4. If you haven’t taken my class and do not know what to set your camera on then put it on “P” and and ISO of 400. If you have them against a bright backdrop then pop your flash up so you can fill in the shadows that the backlight is causing.

5. Have fun. Tell the kids to do something funny or ask a question about a funny teacher. Get them to interact with each other.
Good Luck. And see some examples below.

I love the photo on the right but see how the lighting is difficult when they have all of that bright light behind them but when you are in the total shade like the one on the left you can see how the light is more even.

Again a great shot but tricky with backlight. They loved the view but the next one with the columns is better lighting


Always capture shots with family. It is a great time to get mom and dad in with the prom child or even a grandparent!

Don’t forget those candid shots when the siblings jump in and make us all laugh.

A little rain came up on our next prom and we just tried to make the best of it.

And I do try to get in a photo every once in awhile!