Senior guys are so fun to photograph

My son will be a high school senior next year! This is hard to believe! Years from now you will appreciate the different styles looks of your senior young man.
Needless to say senior guys should have their photos take too. They do not have to do 5 outfit changes or have different locations, with hair and makeup.
I do love capturing them in their element and even often with their sports equipment or favorite hobby. This is a time that will always be remembered. They leave your home too quickly and it should be commemorated with more than just the fake tux photo at school (wink wink)

knoxville senior photography
I have watched this young man grow up and loved getting to be a part of his photos. We did some with golf, football and even his dog.
It was a fun evening and I know his mom will enjoy these as treasures forever.

knoxville senior photography

knoxville senior photography
Again they can wear what they are comfortable in. Most guys do a couple of shirts and then a casual t shirt or favorite shirt.
I love a ball cap or something they always wear to have as well. This is about them and who they are right now.

knoxville senior photography
Zack is a great lacrosse player and I loved getting some shots of him with his stick. He was a great sport and he will always
have these to remember this senior year.
Don’t hesitate to photograph your senior boys. Please call me with any questions.